Welcome to the Draperstown History and Heritage website.

From the origins of the town and townlands, through to establishment of the town itself, the history and heritage of Draperstown and the Ballinascreen area and its people is a story best shared.

The idea of this web blog is for the community of Draperstown and Ballinascreen area to engage and capture the stories, memories and images of the town which can then be digitally archived as well as added to the town’s Digital Audio Trail content. If you live in or have grown up in the area, this is part of YOUR history and heritage and you are welcome to add your information of family or business ,or indeed tales of growing up, working and living in the community of Draperstown and Ballinascreen.

Sperrins Gateway and the Draperstown and Ballinascreen Digital Audio Trail.

The Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership has introduced a digital audio trail which can be viewed online or downloaded and used as a walking guide.

The audio trail highlights the historical and cultural history and heritage of Draperstown and Ballinascreen Townlands.

Please feel free to browse through each of the 20 Audio Trail stops listed in alphabetical order in the navagation menu.

Click HERE to visit the Audio Trail Website and download the FREE app (Available for mobile on iTunes, GooglePlaystore, Windows)

Or scan the QR CodeQR Code

Add your History and Heritage

Why not share your knowledge of the heritage and history of the area by adding your own story.

To add your story just type the details/information into the comments section of the page of interest. Use the ‘Discover the Trail’ menu to visit the page you wish to add content to.

Content of the stories may include anything from attending the markets to work life, to local events and people who have helped shape Draperstown and the Parish of Ballinascreen.

If you would prefer, you can contact by email with your stories or photographs to info.draperstown@gmail.com


Thank you for using the free IZI Travel app for this tour.

This audio trail has been created by BCreativeMedia and is brought to you by the Sperrins Gateway Landscape Partnership.

You can visit sperrinsgateway.com for more information.

downloaddownload (1)

‘This project was part funded by South West Action for Rural Development (SWARD), local delivery agent for Axis 3 of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 by the European Union and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’.


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